Who we are ?

TOM GODFREY   Producer / Director

I have had a joyful and fulfilling career as an EFL teacher, enriched by deep emotional engagement with a huge variety of learners in different countries. I am now proud to have the opportunity to share my experiences with the next generation of teachers as a teacher trainer.

The complexities and expertise of teaching is not so widely recognised and that is why I am excited about making this groundbreaking documentary revealing for the first time the authentic story of ELT training and the artistry of learner-centered teaching methods.

MURAT GÖNÜLLÜ Director / Cinematographer

Murat Gönüllü is a director, sociologist and an artist. After working at NTV news channel as video editor, he was accepted to video and cinema department of Fabrica (a communication research  centre of Benetton) by Marco Muller who has been the Director of the Cinema section of the Venice Biennale Foundation and the Director of the Venice International film festival since 2004. Murat Gonullu started his director career making music videos and Tv spots after he moved to Milan – Italy (2002)


Incognito – ‘’Listen to the Music’’ (2004), Incognito – ‘’Can’t get you out of my mind’’ (2005)

MTV Turkey – Tv ident spot (2005), Gülşen – ‘’ Ya tutarsa’’ (2005), Ajda Pekkan – ‘’Vitrin’’ (2006)

Sezen Aksu – ‘’Yaşanmamış Yıllar’’ (2006), Mirkelam ‘’Bi fotoğraf çekilebilir miyiz? (2007)

Defne Samyeli ‘’Son Arzum’’ (2011), Karnaval Feat İskender Paydaş – Gitme (2012)

Romina – ‘’Aşkın yalan’’ (2019) 

CINEMATOGRAPHER CREDITS,  Cinema in Sarejevo (2001)

ASSOCIATE PRODUCER CREDITS, My name is Batlir, not Butler (2018)

STARE YILDIRIM / Executive Producer

Being an Alumni of 2013 Berlin Film Festival Talent Campus, Stare’ has a BA in American Culture and Literature and has a post-grad degree in film and tv at UCLA. She worked as a freelance filmmaker on film sets and for temp positions at Buena Vista Home and International Distribution in USA. She continued her career as President of Production and Local Acquisitions at Medyavizyon Film Distribution (2006-2009) where she doubled. In 2009 she was chosen as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Turkey by JCI. Stare directed and produced a short film written by an American writer and casted her 64 years old neighbor who doesn’t speak a word of English. This film has been included into a feature film called “50 kisses,” which brought her the Best Director award in 2014. 

The same project got into the Guinness World Book of Records. In 2018 with her directorial debut “My Name is Batlir, Not Butler” she has won several awards from festivals around the world. She has been an animal rights advocate and a “singer among friends” since she was a little kid.


Batlir2018 Magic Realism/ Black Comedy / Drama
50 Kisses (segment “That Good Night”) 2014
Lovers of the Other Side (17 minutes Short) 2013 Supernatural/Thriller 

PRODUCING CREDITS INCLUDE (but not limited to): 

Batlir (producer) 2018
50 Kisses (producer – segment “That Good Night”) 2014
Dos (co-producer) 2011
Last Nomads in Anatolia: Sarikecililer (Documentary) (producer) 2010 

Lost Songs of Anatolia (Documentary) (executive producer) 2010 Police (executive producer)  


Batlir 2018 Magic Realism/ Black Comedy / Drama
50 Kisses (segment “That Good Night”) 2014
Lovers of the Other Side (17 minutes Short) 2013 Supernatural/Thriller 


Batlir 2018 Magic Realism/ Black Comedy / Drama
Lovers of the Other Side (17 minutes Short) 2013 Supernatural/Thriller


About the documentary

The documentary provides an authentic and truthful depiction of the experience of following a EFL training course. Since the 1970s the TEFL industry has exploded and there is an estimated 2 billion English language speakers in the world (a quarter of the world’s population). This film is targeted at the global market of more than 12 million EFL teachers and specifically the more than 25,000 young people who embark on a TEFL career globally each year. I was one of this number 41 years ago when I flew to Africa as a fresh faced 20 year old to start a career as an English Language Teacher in Libya but I did not have the benefit of a professional training course. Today TEFL training centres exist in every country in the world but there has never been a documentary film showing the work they do and the methods they employ. As owner and founder of one of the leading teacher training centres, I am uniquely placed to open a window on the experiences of following an EFL training course and introducing the stories of the people who participate on them.